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About Cider APK

Although there are many app and games for android available in the app store, but still there are games which are normally published exclusively for the iOs platform. If you are one of those who love gaming more than anything else then you will need an iOs device to try them out, otherwise you won’t be able to play that particular game unless it is released for Android.

If you do not want to buy an iOs device and still want to try those games, then your last resort will be to Download cider for android. Coder is an app that can help you run iOs apps and games on android device. This app really works and you can have the feel and look of the iOs device on your android Smartphone. With this app you can play any game and run any app you want that is available only for iOs devices.

With this app, you can do more than just playing games. If you are a developer and want to test your app on iOs device, you will need not to get one, you can just install this app on your Smartphone and you can test your app.

While using this app, you need to remember just one thing; there are certain features that this app cannot give you. If you want to run any app that will require the GPS, or camera or sensors, then this app will be no good for you.

Features of Cider APK

If you search online with Cider APK free Download you will see that there are many sites offering the same apk and people who have downloaded them are really happy with the app. There are features why the users are so happy with this app:

  • You can download this app for free
  • You can use all the features without any cost
  • You can use all the features of iOs device except for 2-3 features
  • You can run this app on any android device that has the android version 2.3 or better than that.
  • The graphical UI is as good as a real iOs device.
  • You just need 512 MB ram and 100 MB space to install this app, although you will need 2-4 GB storage for the games and the apps to run properly.

Download Cider APK

Downloading the Cider Apk is really easy. You cannot find this app on the app-store anymore, so, you will need to find a third party website to download the app. No need to struggle with Google, Just hit the below link for direct download cider apk.

Download Cider APK

How to use Cider APK

To use the app, you will need to install the app first. The procedure is a bit different as you cannot find the app in the store. So, once you are done with the Cider Download, go to your Smartphone settings and in the security option, allow the external recharge from unknown source. Once that is enabled, you can put the apk file on a SD card and install it from the file manager. Once the installation is complete, open the app and start using the iOs device on your android device. Using the app is really easy as the UI is one of the best and the graphic quality is also good. So, get one today and start enjoying iOs experience now. Click The below link for more information about Cider APK.

More About Cider APK

How to run Apple apps on Android free?

how to use cider apk in android mobile

The competition between Android and iOS platforms has reached a whole new level in the present years. Developers have been doing everything that they can do give their users a better experience in every way possible. Yet till today, there are several iOS apps like Facetime that Android users cannot use. Though there are other apps to take the place of these iOS apps, yet most Android users desire to benefit from iOS apps that work much better than their Android counterparts.

Naturally, people look for ways to run Apple apps on their Androids and that too, for free. If you are among the thousands of Android users who want to know how to run Apple apps on Android, then you should know that the options are limited. You could root your Android device and change the way it works so that it can easily support and run iOS apps. Rooting will require you to know a bit of coding and will also take some time. But the main problem with rooting is that if things go wrong, you may harm the device’s hardware and negate its warranty.

Using iOS emulators – the easy way to do it

If you do not want to root your Android device, yet want to use various iOS apps, then using an emulator is the best choice that you have. These emulators are available on the Play Store and can also be downloaded from third-party websites. If you aren’t quite aware of what emulators are, then for your knowledge, emulators are applications that are developed to replicate one or more OS environments, so that apps specific to that OS can be run without actually having that OS.

Naturally, by using an iOS emulator on your Android device, you will get the chance to easily run apps that were platform specific or didn’t run as well on the Android platform. This is a great benefit to Android users because they can now enjoy all types of apps, games, etc. that were previously restricted and that too, without buying a device that runs on the iOS platform, which is usually very costly.

Using the emulators on your Android device

Before you know how to download apple apps on android, it is important that you download and run the emulator first. This should be pretty simple. Download and install any iOS emulator that you want in a way you download and install any other app on your device. Once the emulator is installed, run it on your device. The emulator will create an iOS environment and you will be given access to various apps that were previously unavailable or restricted.

The procedure of how to get apple apps on android is very easy. You will have to go the App Store and surf through the applications available and then choose the one that you want to run. If the app is a third party one, you may have to check whether it is compatible with the emulator or not. After downloading the apps, you will have to know how to install ios apps on android and the best part is that this procedure is easy-peasy. The app will detect an iOS environment and the installation will be as easy as for any iOS user with no hiccups.

How to use Cider APK on Android?

Android users have long wanted to use several apps like Facetime that were available exclusively for iOS users. Not only that, several Android apps aren’t as good as their iOS counterparts and Android users often felt that they had to compromise when it came to user experience. To eliminate the woes of the Android users, a group of students studying at the Columbia University started researching on how to run iOS app on an Android device and soon came up with a solution – an emulator that could mimic the iOS environment and could allow Android users to enjoy the various apps that were available for iOS users without paying a penny.

The app was named as Cider and is available in the .apk format that can be downloaded and used efficiently on any of the recent Android devices. If you are an Android user and eager to experience how the Cider app works, then here is a detailed guide for you:

Steps to using the Cider Apk on your Android device

how to install cider apk to android phone

  • First, you have to download the apk on your device. Now since the app is not available in the Google Play Store, you may have to search a bit for a trusted source to download the Cider apk.
  • Once, you find a trusted source, you have to download the apk file available. You can download directly to your phone or to your PC and transfer it to your phone.
  • You now need to go to Settings option on your Android device, then to Security and turn on the option ‘Allow Install From Unknown Sources’.
  • After turning it on, find out the apk file that you just downloaded and open it.
  • You will be asked for permission to install the apk. Allow the installation.
  • Click ‘Ok’ or ‘Done’ as soon as the installation is complete.

That’s all. Downloading and installing the Cider Apk is as simple as that. Once the apk is installed and running, your device will now be able to support numerous iOS apps that are available in the App Store or from third parties and you will get the chance to enjoy these apps without paying a penny.

System requirements

To be able to use the Cider app, your device should have the following minimum specifications:

  • The Android device must in a good working condition and the OS version must be any of these – 7. 0 Nougat/ 6.0 Marshmallow/ 5.0.1 Lollipop/ KitKat 4.4.4/ Jelly Bean/ Ginger Bread 2.3.
  • The device must have atleast 100 MB of free internal memory space.
  • The device must have a minimum of 512 MB RAM. The more, the better will the app run.


Before you start using the Cider apk, it would be prudent to know the following facts:

  1. It would be wise that you have a good antivirus installed before downloading the apk from an unknown source.
  2. Also, the Cider apk does not allow any and all iOS apps to run. So, before downloading and using an app, make sure that it is compatible with Cider apk.